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What is TAXANITE® Solid Surface?

TAXANITE® is a blend of natural minerals, pigment, and polymer. It combines the properties and uses of other materials in one product, with the elegance of granite and natural marble, flexibility of wood and plastic

How durable is TAXANITE®?

TAXANITE® is chemically engineered to resist stains, nicks and scratches; it is non-porous and does not support the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria.

How do you clean and maintain TAXANITE®?

TAXANITE® is easily cleaned with household abrasive cleaners; minor surface scratches or cuts can be removed and the surface renewed with minimum effort. Any major damage that might occur can be repaired by a qualified technician.

What colors are available in TAXANITE®?

TAXANITE® is available in 6 color groups. But there is not any limitations for the colors

Are inlay colors available in TAXANITE®?

TAXANITE® liquid inlay kits, available in standard or custom colors, allow for dramatic color combinations, unique edge detailing, or custom design surface graphics.

What are some of the advantages in using TAXANITE®?

TAXANITE® retains its beauty in the busiest of environments - its elegance and durability are unmatched in the solid surface market...and TAXANITE® is reasonably priced compared to other solid surfacing.

What are the advantages of TAXANITE® in wet areas?

TAXANITE® is ideal for shower stalls, whirlpools, tubs, decks, vanity tops, pedestal sinks and all "wet" surfaces. TAXANITE®'s smooth satiny surface feels like stone but resists stains and is easy to care for. Shower pans and walls are grout-free and won't support the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew. Minor scratches and tough stains such as nail polish, lipstick, hair coloring and rust are easily removed with abrasive cleansers.

Can TAXANITE® be installed on a radius?

TAXANITE® materials can be bent with some limitations.  To achieve this, it is recommended that an oven and a mold designed for solid surface be used .

 Does TAXANITE® offer integral bowls?

TAXANITE® offers a variety of kitchen, bar and vanity bowls, in standard sizes, which can be seam-mounted into the counter top allowing easy maintenance, durability and stain resistance. TAXANITE® integral bowls offer sculpted beauty and easy maintenance.

What is TAXANITE®'s warranty?

TAXANITE® carries a 10 year limited warranty on materials and installation when fabricated and installed by a factory-authorized TAXANITE® Certified Installer. Click here for more information.

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